About Us

The Colonies Master Association, Inc. was organized in August 2001 as a Texas nonprofit corporation and is operated to act as an agent for the residents of The Colonies of Amarillo.
The primary mission of the Association is to enforce and carry out the terms of the Master Declaration.  In addition, the Association also helps foster community among its residents, while helping protect the interests of all homeowners collectively.
Developed by Rockrose Group, The Colonies of Amarillo is a beautiful neighborhood located in Southwest Amarillo that takes you back to a time when a home was more than a house, it was part of a community.  This grand neighborhood includes a unique system of beautifully landscaped parkways that lead to a majestic clock tower.  One of the unique qualities of The Colonies is its focus on being "pedestrian friendly".
This community is our dream and we would like to share it with you.