Neighborhood News
The Colonies is Growing…
Posted on Jun 17th, 2010

Current Conditions:
In spite of a weaker housing market Amarillo is rockin along. Our current MLS inventory sits at 1,700 that is neither high nor low. Right about where it should be. The Colonies is no exception. Our latest phase south of Continental consists of 75 lots. Fifty-five are sold and several others are under contract. The homes in this phase are selling steadily.
Our Garden home areas around the parks are finishing up their last few homes. 
The unfinished house on Westminster is being worked on daily. Unfortunately all the work is on the inside for now, but we expect activity to pick back up on the outside soon. Many folks are unaware of all the work that is being done and that may be because all workers generally park in the back, off of the streets. This project has been a major concern for the neighborhood and major concern for us, but it is looking like it will be resolved before long.
Next phases:
Demand is exceeding our inventory so we are planning to open up a new Garden Home area between the current new phase and the Town Club. We hope to begin construction of this phase later this year.
We are also experiencing increased demand for larger home sites. We have platted 80 lots south of Continental and west of New England for this type of home. We expect to begin construction on this phase later this year or the first part of next year.
Architectural features:
We hope you all are enjoying the many green spaces and landscaped walkways. Our Clock Tower, bridge house and gazebo have become popular sites and photo opportunities. After many months of tweaking and upgrading, our fountain is back up and running. We are still toying with the lighting, but suffice to say we are always working to make it the best it can be.
Our next feature includes a decorative brick, wood and wrought iron fence along the alleys that run north and south from north of Continental to south of Pennsylvania. This fence will serve as a decorative buffer and entrance feature that will separate the residential development from the non residential uses. This feature will also include raised flower beds at the Continental entrance and landscaping at the Pennsylvania entrance.
This phase of PID improvements will also include a brick entrance sign at Pennsylvania and Coulter.
Security cameras:
We are in the process of installing security cameras above the fountain. There will also be a link on this website where you can view the cameras, if all goes as planned. These cameras will hopefully deter costly vandalism and skateboarders. Suddenlink will be providing the wireless internet service and should have it ready to go in 2 to 3 weeks. We have invested sizable sums in these neighborhood amenities and we want to do our best to help you protect the investment.
Enjoy your summer and hope to see you all at the 4th of July Celebration.
Matt Griffith
Rockrose Development
PS. A shout out to your HOA Pres, Wesley Lawhorn.  He is a work horse for this neighborhood association.  He volunteers his time, sometimes many hours per week, to help this neighborhood association in every aspect.  He and his wife are THE main workers on your Parade party.  Craig and Vicky Bryan carried this load for the first few years and made it what it is today and since then Wesley has been responsible for its continued success.  Without Wesley there is no party.  Please express to Wesley how much you appreciate his efforts when you see him.